Edison Start Award – Smart Communities – by Edison (Nov. 2014)

Park Smart is the winning project of the first edition of Edison Start Award for “Smart Communities” category as the most innovative project which involves innovation and positive effects in terms of quality of life on the whole community.
Following an 11-month program which included project proposals, social media and networking, Park Smart was selected from a pool of over 841 ideas presented by creative developers representing every region.



Smart Cities & Citizenship Award by Altran Foundation for Innovation in Italy (Dec. 2014)

In 2014, Altran Foundation Award in Italy focuses on the participation and involvement of citizens as an axe on which we have to build smart cities. The Foundation awarded Park Smart as the technology solutions that provide effective tools to manage urban issues through the involvement of citizens.
The 2014 Altran Foundation Award "Smart Cities and Citizenship" aimed at identifying and reward innovative technological projects which will help to implement: Systems to help citizens and decision makers to talk to each other; Digital platforms to facilitate the participation of citizens in decision-making; Systems to efficiently use open data; Systems to share goods and services (e.g. carpooling, bike sharing, platforms for the exchange of goods and exchange of opinions, etc.); Sensors and infrastructures to map and monitor the management processes in the city.



Cerisdi Award Innovation Makers Day by Cerisdi (Dec. 2014)

Innovation Makers Day is the award oranized by CERISDI reserved for young sicilian talents that with their genius and skills have obtained international recognitions by becoming the best ambassadors for the region in the world.



Innovation Makers Award by Altran Foundation for Innovation (Feb 2015)

Innovation Makers Award is the European competition organized by Altran Foundation for Innovation. Each country had its own theme: research against cancer, development of telemedicine, and citizenship in smart cities. The objective was to promote innovative projects serving the common good.
From January 12th until February 3rd, Altran Foundation for Innovation organised a vote on Facebook in order to determine the Innovation Makers Award 2014. The Innovation Makers and the general public were invited to vote for their favourite project. With more than 1400 votes, the Altran Community and the general public elected Park Smart as their 2014 Innovation Makers Award Laureate.



Innovation Maker Award by Unioncamere (April 2014) - Finalist

Innovation Maker Award organized by Unioncamere is one of the main activities promoted in order to sustain entrepreneurship and youth employment in Italy.
The aim of the project was to aggregate and promulgate successful businesses ideas that can have a strong and immediate impact on the participation of young people in the economic growth and that can help to increase the supply of innovative services for the Italian production system.
Park Smart was one of the 30 finalist projects selected from more than 719 nominates businesses.



Start Cup Catania – Univerisity of Catania (July 2014) - Finalist

Start Cup Catania is a regional business plan competition promoted by the University of Catania in order to select original and innovative entrepreneurial ideas qualified by high level of technical knowledge, by the feasibility of the project and by the expertise level of team members. The competition is part of the national competition PNI to assign the national award for innovation.



Top 150 Startup Pioneers Challenge by Pioneers (Sept. 2014) – Top 150 startup

The Pioneers Challenge is the most prominent start-up competition at Pioneers Festival. Every year around 1,000 start-ups apply to make it into the hand-picked, invited Top50 finalists in order to pitch and showcase to the most important investors, leading tech corporates, and international media. Park Smart was one of the 150 finalist projects selected from more than 1.000 nominates start-ups.



SMART City Exhibition - Bologna (Oct. 2014)

SMART City Exhibition is a 3 days exhibition organized at Fiera di Bologna. The aim is developing a shared definition of smart city, finding and disseminating the best Italian and European experiences and determining the patterns. Park Smart was presented as an example of best practice and technological solution for smart cities services.



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