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Park Smart is an innovative start-up which created a flexible and powerful software platform to optimize urban mobility.

Founded in 2014 by a mechanical engineer and a software developer student, the company implemented a software based technology able to analyse, in real time, the availability of parking lots in the cities.

Park Smart uses the physical infrastructure of video sensors, even the ones already existing in the area, to process the images. With the help of dedicated management software, the system analyze the video stream by creating a fluid matrix showing vacant and occupied parking spaces. Information is then made available to drivers on their smartphone in order to give indications about parking availability in the nearest areas in real time.

Park Smart presents a fast and efficient way for drivers to find available parking on their smartphone and provides powerful tools to help parking management companies to attract new customers and maximize their revenue. Furthermore, the software platform is able to work in synergy with other smart-city services and it will contribute to help public administration to better organize their public space improving quality of life in the city.

Park Smart is therefore the synergistic integration of different technologies: video analysis, management software and mobile application.

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